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Grow your faith in God with these posts. Faith is a gift that often starts out small but grows into a huge gift. Faith helps us see God when circumstances and life say otherwise.

Can you surrender to God’s plan for your life

What are you building? Holy Spirit asked me in a more stern and serious voice than I expected. I realize this is a serious matter to Him. I shift uneasily. I’m taken aback by His question. In my heart, I know I want to give Him the right answer. That answer which is in line with my [...]

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God I am lonely! 7 Powerful Scriptures for loneliness

"God I am lonely!" My heart cries out for the umpteenth time. My mind tells me I've got no reason to be lonely. After all, I've got a great family and God has miraculously provided support for us in our times of need. Still, my heart is dissatisfied much to my dismay. The tears are reluctant [...]

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Stop anxiety in its tracks by hiding in God

A wave of panic hit me again and Anxiety's cold hands squeezed my heart. Its chilly breath whispered an all to well known phrase: "You've got to put your life, dreams, and passions on hold. There's no time for that. You're a wife and a mom. You must become dormant again." I choked back tears and [...]

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How to trust God’s love for you

Have you ever wondered how to trust God's love for you? We know he loves us, but we don't really trust it much if we're really honest with ourselves. We question every trial, unanswered prayer, challenging circumstance wondering how could God let us go through this if he loves us. We easily trigger in abandonment, rejection, [...]

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Finding Your Worth In Christ and Owning It

I gazed admiringly into the mirror. My Granny's blue, yellow, white necklaces draped around my neck along with some brooch of sorts and a pair of clip-on earrings for my not-yet-pierced ears. I stood in a pool of bluey-grey material as my aunt's prom dress hung baggily on my 8 yr-0ld body. I moved from side [...]

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You Get What You Focus On – Watch where you look

This week was one of those weeks where my spirit was discerning a lot of spiritual activity in the spiritual atmosphere. I get weeks like this. A heaviness falls and I struggle to get out of it. The truth is I don't have to live in a heavy spiritual atmosphere because God has made me and [...]

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