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Join me on my heart journey with God as I raise my boys to love God passionately while being married to a man who doesn’t believe Jesus is God yet supports me nonetheless.

Afraid of vulnerability?

I stood near the stairs of the school hall where my church meets each Sunday. The boys were playing nearby along the banister. I felt at peace although slightly disappointed to be missing the pre-service prayer meeting. A gentle voice whispered to my heart: You are not as afraid of vulnerability as much as you think [...]

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I’m married to an agnostic – What God has taught me in the process

My husband is agnostic. There, I’ve said it out loud for the whole world to know. My husband went from being Christian to agnostic. I didn’t ask for this to happen nor did I think I would end up loving the Lord without my husband. For some reason, God has permitted me to be in a [...]

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Self-awareness plays a role in discernment

There comes a time when we awaken to the identity that God has given us as his children. This identity grows deeper as he takes us on a journey of greater self-awareness and intimacy with him. Why do I use the word self-awareness? I don't hold the view that self-awareness means selfish or prideful. In fact, I [...]

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Practicing Patience – 8 Tips to help you wait for your breakthrough

Patience. The dreaded P word in my life. Growing up, my mom would often say two things to me as a way of cultivating patience in her impatient daughter: Patience is virtue and virtue is grace. "Ailie remember one step at a time. In so many ways, my mom is an incredibly patient woman. I think it's [...]

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Fear of rejection limits God’s call on our lives

I don't remember the exact time or date when God showed me the root cause of my need to be perfect and perform. In that moment, time seemed to stand still.  All I heard was his voice saying "you fear rejection". Truth penetrated into my spirit in one of those Ah Huh moments. Light flooded my world [...]

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Love is messy and forgiveness keeps you going

It happened again. Someone said something in the wrong tone of voice and it resulted in a ripple effect of hurt feelings, anger, and disconnect. It didn't matter what was said, what mattered was that we got disconnected from each other because of miscommunication, misunderstanding, and a myriad of outside pressures jabbing away at our wounds. Yip, [...]

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Whose responsibility is it? God’s or mine?

Responsibility is defined by as the state or fact of being responsible, answerable, or accountable for something within one's power, control, or management. Sometimes I think that, as people, we are so used to taking on responsibility we've forgotten who is actually responsible. Our beautiful hearts have good intentions. After all, we are compassionate and caring. [...]

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