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Hey there!

Everyone needs a friend and confidant to tackle all of life’s surprises. In the throes of motherhood and wifehood, your heart and needs often go unmet rendering you helpless, disheartened, lonely, and uncertain of the best ways to handle arising situations. You may find yourself thinking “There’s more to me than this.” The spiritual gifts, purposes, and beautiful personality God has given you wait to be unleashed to display the glory of God.

Questions like:

  • God, where are you?
  • God do you love me?
  • God, are you listening to me?
  • God, why have you forsaken me?
  • God, I really need help!

But God is close to the brokenhearted and contrite in spirit. You are not alone.

Meet me ๐Ÿ™‚Online Christian Coach Ailie Baumann

I’m Ailie, an Online Christian Coach, writer, lover of Jesus, wife, and mom to three boys. With a degree in Psychological Counseling, several years of experience in inner healing ministry, and having gone through the process of receiving counseling, mentoring and coaching, ย I understand what you are going through. I am here for you.

Not only does God help me to see you the way He sees you but He has also equipped me to help teach you simple practical ways to live confidently and joyfully you. I carry a passion to help other wives and moms rediscover who they are in Christ, God’s deep love for them, and receive God’s healing for their hearts and minds.

Living Fiercely Loved’s purpose

Living Fiercely Loved was created with the purpose of inspiring women into a deeper relationship with Jesus. I’ve always had a passion for listening to people’s stories and helping them through hardship, so it came as no surprise when God called me to reach out to women like you.

I’m passionate about helping you rediscover your identity in God, live a life full of healthy relationships and purpose, grow in confidence in your ability to hear God’s voice, and help you deepen your walk with God. I hope to do this by using creative expression, sharing my heart, and revealing more of God’s heart to you in unique ways. Along the way, I share with you my experiences and heartaches as well as the everyday tools God has taught me. (Read my Privacy Policy here.)

I believe with all my heart that God is involved in the everyday details of life; that he is good; and that his love runs deeper than we thought possible. You can have a thriving relationship with God and balance every aspect of life. You can live fiercely loved every day of your life.

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Lastly, I have prepared a mini devotional e-book just for you to help you take your relationship with God to the next level. Inside you’ll find inspiration, prayers, journal prompts and Scripture references to reassure, encourage and spur you on to all that God’s got for you.

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