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Hey there!


Welcome to my blog Living Fiercely Loved!

I’m thrilled that you are here.Living Fiercely Loved

Living Fiercely Loved was created with the purpose of inspiring people into a deeper relationship with Jesus. I hope to do this by using creative expression, sharing my heart, and revealing more of God’s heart to you in unique ways.

I believe with all my heart that God is involved in the everyday details of life; that he is good; and that his love runs deeper than we thought possible. Combining my love of writing with my creative and visual expressions, I hope to inspire and teach you how to engage with God in a deeper way.

Looking for help to find out who you are, what God thinks of you, and taking your walk with God deeper? Then, you’re at the right place. I provide one-on-one Christian coaching to help you live in all God has for you. Book your session today.

The future holds much growth for Living Fiercely Loved. You can expect to see Christian Faith courses coming your way as well as ebooks, email courses, and other great resources. This will grow Living Fiercely Loved from a blog to a website over time.

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