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Disclaimers are required by the FTC. In order to be ethical and clear about the happenings of my blog, I thought it would be appropriate to add several disclaimers regarding my involvement in affiliate marketing as well as the images that I use. So here goes….

Living Fiercely Loved Images

Disclaimer: All the images that you see on this website and in my blog articles come from Unsplash and Pixabay. Because I love words, I add text to my images using Canva to make them more personal and relevant to my blog posts. Pixabay.com and Unsplash are royalty-free sites for photos which is why I use them. Although I add text and my website’s logo to the images, I do not resell them nor will I since they are not mine and I have not received permission to do so.


Affiliate marketing

Disclaimer: This website is involved in affiliate marketing. On the right side of my website, you will see advertising which is my affiliate marketing banners. If you click on them, you will end up at a variety of stores belonging to other websites. Should you make a purchase from these adverts, I will receive a small commission from 10% to 50%. The price you pay remains unchanged