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Finding Your Worth In Christ and Owning It

I gazed admiringly into the mirror. My Granny’s blue, yellow, white necklaces draped around my neck along with some brooch of sorts and a pair of clip-on earrings for my not-yet-pierced ears. I stood in a pool of bluey-grey material as my aunt’s prom dress hung baggily on my 8 yr-0ld body. I moved from side to side in girlish delight. The stilettos I stood in were an odd mix of bright yellow and mustard yellow which for some odd reason I loved (Yellow is not my favorite color ha ha ha 🙂 ).

In that moment, no doubt featured in my mind that I was lovely. My heart, body, and soul experienced a rare moment of living in the reality that I was fiercely loved and gorgeous.

Nothing compares to dressing up in “Mommy’s Things”. In my case, it was more like “Granny and Aunt’s Things”.

But Life Happens…

Still, as women, life robs us of daily dressing up in God’s love, acceptance and approval. We forget to be the little girl all dolled up. We lose sight of how much we are loved, valued, seen, and heard while we carry on being everything we can to the world we live in.Find your worth in Christ Pin

We keep putting on our big girl clothes when, in fact, the very clothes we should be wearing is the delight and acceptance of the one who formed and fashioned us. This is where our anchor and security comes.  With this revelation, we can face anything life sends our way. We know God is for us, with us, and cheering us on. Our daddy approves – we don’t doubt it. 

Further, he loves to show us off:

The nations will see your righteousness and vindication [by God], and all kings [will see] your glory; and you will be called by a new name which the mouth of the Lord will designate. You will also be [considered] a crown of glory and splendor in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem [exceedingly beautiful] in the hand of your God. Isaiah 62:2-3 (AMP)

What a thought!

You are so precious and valuable in God’s sight. He holds you in high regard as something worth protecting and cherishing. He does not have any shame in you. Rather, he shows you off with pride. You are the reason Jesus was victorious in death and resurrection.

Finding your worth in Christ

Commentators expand on Isaiah 62:3 saying “He who is glorified by God glorifies God.”

This means that as you and I begin to “dress” ourselves in the glory and delight of God, we give God praise and glory. We show him and ourselves we truly believe his designed identity for us. We are able to wake up every day confident that we are loved, beautiful, worthy, and a reflection of God to His world. Our spirit, mind, and body once again are in full agreement with God’s heart.

This is a woman who wakes up every day on a mission to live fiercely loved. You are this woman. A pillar of strength. A beacon of hope and a carrier of joy. You are free to be the woman you’ve always been destined to be.

4 Ways to owning your worth

Nothing gives God more joy than seeing you and me “dress” ourselves in our worth in Christ. But how can we do this?

#1  Say goodbye to external validation

External validation refers to our need for people to shower us with compliments, affirm us, and pull us up. While affirmation has its role, it should not define our worth.

When we find our worth in Christ, our need for external validation is replaced with internal validation. This internal validation becomes an inner strength and confidence in knowing we have value and worth and deserve to be treated accordingly.

#2 Take on new challenges bravely

Maybe you’re like me and change is scary. Even new challenges can be daunting. Here’s the thing though. When we find our worth in Christ, we realize that God is for us, believes in us, and protects us. So, we discover a greater bravery and strength in ourselves to face new challenges, make changes, and try new things. This, in turn, unlocks more hidden treasures and passions inside of us.

#3 God’s voice becomes the loudest

People’s opinions and approach to life are relevant to them. When we stop measuring ourselves and our successes in life against the opinions of others, we find God’s opinion of our value holds more weight. God’s voice of truth and worth become the yardstick for our success and self-worth.

#4 Treat yourself according to your worth

When we actively choose to believe in God’s perspective of who we are, our lives take on this view. We place healthy boundaries in our relationships to ensure we are treated with value and worth. Our approach to relationships may also change as we let go of those relationships that are unhealthy, negative, or unhelpful to us. Almost every area of our lives gets measured by our worth in Christ.

The result: increased confidence, a deeper trust in God, and a life of passion and purpose.

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