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5 Tips to prioritizing your day effectively

My mind races a million miles per second listing on my imaginary to-do list all the responsibilities and tasks for the day. Just when I think I’ve finally thought of everything, I remember a few more things. Those feelings of overwhelm threaten to overtake me. How am I going to get this all done? I’m going to need my day to run perfectly in order to tick off all my boxes. “Breathe, it’s going to be ok”, I think to myself desperately trying to push back that overwhelm and the self-doubt that threatens to accompany it.

Can you relate?

What you and I both need to help us accomplish all our errands and responsibilities is the art of prioritizing. If we see everything as important or urgent, we will remain in this stressed out emotional state which is not healthy for us at the best of times. We don’t need more cortisol in our bodies. We need to prioritize.

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Prioritizing our to-do lists will help us stick to the main thing and achieve our goals. We will feel more in control, prepared, and confident. This will also teach our children the benefits of prioritizing and time management, a skill they can use throughout their lives.

5 Tips to prioritizing your day

To help you and me be successful this year as we manage our lives and families, I’ve listed 5 tips for prioritizing your day:

#1 Focus on what is important and not what is urgent

So often, we think everything on our plates is to be resolved “now”. This is partly because our world has become so fast-paced and immediate. We all believe the misconception that we are running out of time. Here’s some truth, God is out of time; and, if we are in God then we too are out of time. This means that we can make time work for us. We can ask God to increase our productivity within the same time frames. We do not have to be defined by time.

Still, we need to look at each item on our agenda and decide what is most important. Which of your errands or responsibilities on your checklist will bring your purpose and vision into your reality?

(Read here for my post on vision and goals).

#2 Keep your purpose and vision in mind at all times5 Tips to prioritizing your day

As a mom, my purpose and vision are to raise my children to be passionate for Jesus, respectable members of society, and put action to their dreams. Everything I do in my parenting is focused on this purpose and vision. This is why we have devotional times, prayer time, chores, and consequences.

The same concept applies to my marriage and other areas of life. You and I need to seek God’s direction for our lives. What is his purpose, vision, and call in this moment? Once, we know, we can prioritize our days to move us forwards as we pursue God’s plans for us.

#3 Be fully present

Have you noticed how often we get distracted or disappear into our thoughts? Sometimes we do this in the middle of conversations. Mmmm. Not always helpful.

To be able to prioritize your day effectively, work on being fully present in every moment. By being present you are able to accurately discern what is important vs what’s not, be more self-aware, and enjoy life. Self-awareness helps you experience your life fully. You live in the now. You are awake to the realities of what’s happening around you; thus, you can respond timely and efficiently.

Besides this, being fully present helps you to be more positive, cultivate gratitude, and enjoy the blessings God has placed in your life.

#4 Enjoy the benefits of delegating

Look at your checklist or bullet points. What can you give to others in your life for their help? None of us are experts at everything. Some tasks need a few hands; others can be entrusted to our loved ones. This is where I love giving my children chores. It takes work off my plate while teaching them responsibility.

Maybe you are organizing a surprise party for a friend. Get a few of your other mutual friends to help you. One person could organize the cake, another could do the decor while you organize the guest list.

#5 Let go of the past to embrace the future

Focusing on our past is the quickest way to hold us back from our future. Our past does not define us, God does. So, we let go to live present in today and excited for the future. Our goals will not be reached if we are focused on our mistakes, fears, and messes. True courage is moving forward one step at a time into the unknown of the future. Your priorities become part of your today with each checklist. Prioritizing your tasks helps you move towards the future.

Give God your to-do list

I was at a prayer meeting with a group of ladies from my church. Towards the end of the meeting, I asked for some prayer. At the time, I was struggling with managing life’s demands and busyness. I wanted to be everywhere and do everything. My to-do list was growing faster than I knew what to do with. The funny thing was I didn’t realize my to-do list because I create them subconsciously.

One of the ladies came to me and told me God had shown her my to-do list written on a window. She said that God was going to take care of my to-do list and I would see the rain of his Spirit wash away each item until nothing was left.

I took that word to heart. Over the next few days and weeks, I watched as God led me and my hubby daily in our decision-making. God is faithful and true; he did what he promised. He took care of my to-do list.

To this day, I regularly submit my checklists to God regardless of whether they are a mental list or handwritten. I invite God to help me get my tasks done and keep me focused on the main thing (my family and the season we are in).

Resources to help you keep your daily plans on track

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