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5 Scriptures to Get Your Joy Back

Joy is defined as great pleasure or delight. Its those moments in time when all is right in the world. Our brains have the ideal balance of dopamine and endorphins. The world makes sense…

Until….life happens.

Out of the blue, we find joy is now a figment of the imagination. We’ve seemingly swapped bodies with Eeyore and live under a rain cloud 24/7.

No matter what we do or say or think, finding joy again is almost impossible. Fortunately, God is not despair nor has He forgotten His promises to you. Rather, He invites you deeper into His heart so you may know His deep love for you. He stands by your side cheering you on because He is for you not against you.

Throughout the Bible, God gives us Scriptures to get your joy back. These verses bring encouragement, upliftment, and fresh perspective. Oh, how blessed are we to have daily access to the Bible!

My dear friend Cathy McIntosh is doing a series on Joy this month which I believe wholehearted is God inspired. She asked me to write a blog post for her website Strengthens By The Word Ministries.

After some prayer and deep thinking (plus a good SEO search), I  felt lead to write on 5 Scriptures to Get Your Joy Back.

I love that God gives us His written Words to empower us and remind us of who we are in Him. Scripture is part of our arsenal in the spiritual war saving around us. The good news – we are on the winning side.

In my guest blog post, I share some Scriptures I have found helpful to hold onto joy.

A lot of joy is lost on the battlefield raging in our minds. Renewing the mind is perhaps the biggest secret to a life of consistent joy.

Plus, spending time with God refreshes our spirits and helps us to rest in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Here we can remind ourselves of the delight we find in being God’s children.

Head on over to Cathy’s blog and read the full article here.


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