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Does this sound familiar?

You’ve always known you were made for more but you never knew what.

You have this burning desire to see people transformed for and by God so you got involved in church activities or “ministry”.

Then, you became a mom.

Instead of staying active in church or ministry, you’re now refereeing struggles, drying tears, putting boundaries with your children, making meals, and more. Frankly, motherhood is the hardest job in the world.

You look in the mirror and you realize you don’t know who you are. The little you do know feels lost and forgotten. This can’t be all you do for the rest of your life. There has to be more.

I’m here to tell you there is more!

You can rediscover who you are and live in the reality that God loves you fiercely. You do have a significant purpose. You are made for more than this.

You can live in God’s plans and purpose for your life, do those things that you are passionate about, and have a deeper relationship with God. Living confidently in who God has made you is possible.

Rediscover your Identity Bootcamp is great for you if

  • You want to rediscover your identity
  • Long to live in God’s plans and purposes
  • Discover your passions, spiritual gifts, and more
  • Learn how to hear God’s voice clearer
  • Take steps to live the life you’ve always been called too.

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Rediscover Your Identity Bootcamp

$9973 months
  • What to expect

How Rediscover Your Identity Bootcamp will Benefit You

  • Say goodbye to insecurity, fear, mistrust, doubt, distractions, and shame.
  • Look in the mirror and like (even love) what you see looking back at you.
  • Enjoy the peace that comes with knowing God’s heart and hearing his voice speak more clearly to you.

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What other woman have to say about me!

Ailie Baumann has a God-given ability to support God’s women through her ministry.  I’ve personally received timely wisdom, prophetic truth, Biblical counsel, and the expression of the Lord’s bountiful favor. Ailie strives to honor the Lord and encourages each of us to walk humbly with our God to fulfill His purpose for our lives. In a coaching sense, her words have often nourished my ministry and provided water to my thirsty soul. I’m grateful for her generous counsel and see the blessing and benefit it provides. I highly recommend engagement with Ailie through her ministry as well as her coaching services!

Thought-provoking and pushing boundaries, I love how Ailie shares empathically and challengingly all at once.

One of the aspects I love most about Ailie’s prophetic ministry is her focus, first and foremost, on our relationship with God. rather than just offering magic answers, she gently leads me through a series of questions that highlighted areas of my relationship with God that were troubled or limited based on past and present difficult experiences. I felt safe to discuss these insights with Ailie because it was clear she loved the Lord wholeheartedly and her aim was to restore any broken areas in my relationship with Him. Though her insights offered confirmation and great clarity (and hope!) it was never about her. Her sessions were always about God and what He was doing in my life through a relationship with Him.

Why You Should Work with Me!

Online Christian Coach Ailie Baumann

Hello, 🙂 I am the creator of Living Fiercely Loved and I am passionate about helping people, like you, experience the depths of God’s love for you and live in the everyday reality that God is invested in every detail of your life.

    • I have a degree in Psychological counseling
    • Been trained and part of ministry teams focused on helping people receive God’s healing for their hearts
  • I’ve been through it too and had to go on my own journey with God of rediscovering who I am and his plans for my life

My experience personally and in ministry has shown me:

  • Many women encounter the love of Jesus and walk away feeling closer to Him than before.
  • Fear, anxiety, depression, rejection, worry, and abandonment lift off women in focused inner healing sessions.
  • Learning simple life skills and tools can help a woman become empowered, find her voice, and live with confidence.

I am also a cherished wife, mom of three boys, aspiring author and public speaker, and lover of all things art and beauty.

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