What is the purpose of faith in our lives

With each season of our lives comes the closing of one chapter to open another. Change always ebbs and flow within our lives demanding we exercise our faith, practice patience, and extend trust. The latter two are my weak areas. I get excited about new seasons and adventures. Off I go, living in the future instead [...]

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What motivates your prayer life?

I hadn't thought of what motivates my prayer life until I heard a sermon by Dawna De Silva called Praying from Power. I listened, riveted to my chair, taking in every word as though I was hearing for the first time. Each word carried weight, clarity, and authority. It demanded my full attention and required I [...]

Living Water Bursting Forth – Prophetic Word

Every day when I drive to work, I pass a corner piece of property being built on by construction workers. The road is moist from a small trickle of water from the sidewalk (which is not paved so all you see is mud and grass). Whether it's me or the cars in front of me, we [...]

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A million miles away? God is in You!

God, where are you? This question has often rung through my mind as loud as the gong of a steeple bell. Loneliness and abandonment threaten to close in on me and the lie that God is distant becomes a lot more real than it should. That’s the thing about faith. It requires you to believe with [...]

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Letting God Love Me In My Messy Life

The conversation took a turn again that night to a time in our lives I wish I could re-do. It was a time laced with mess, mistakes, and heartache. I know my side and heart - one with good intentions motivated by fear and negatively distorted by outside influence. It was a time which brought about [...]

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Marriage God’s Way – A Book Review

Marriage God's Way. What a great title for a book! Quite apt too in a society that is rife with divorce and failed relationships. Marriage on a good day comes with its challenges and memorable moments but making it a success takes effort, commitment and a lot of sacrificial love.Today, we are constantly fighting against instant gratification, [...]

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I’m Stuck in a Rut until God shows up

I'm stuck in a rut again. The words "I'm stuck" continue to whirl around in my head as fast as a merry-go-round leading me nowhere. What do I write? What do I say? Do I have a message? In the process, I realize maybe I am trying to hard. Trying too hard to write something that [...]

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