Living in the freedom of the cross

Living in the freedom of the cross. This concept was about to become more of a reality in my life than ever before. I say concept because although I love the Gift of Salvation and all that Jesus did, I wasn't (and still don't fully) living in the freedom Jesus gave us on the cross. But, [...]

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Afraid of vulnerability?

I stood near the stairs of the school hall where my church meets each Sunday. The boys were playing nearby along the banister. I felt at peace although slightly disappointed to be missing the pre-service prayer meeting. A gentle voice whispered to my heart: You are not as afraid of vulnerability as much as you think [...]

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Liebster Blog Awards

The Liebster Award started around 2011 as a way for bloggers to recognize and encourage new bloggers in the blogging community. It works similar to a chain mail. A nominee can accept the word and continue the chair; or, decline the nomination and stop it continuing. Honestly, I'm all for keeping this chain going. After all, who [...]

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Overcome fear by faith – Live confidently

Faith or fear - what are you looking at your future with? This question lingered around me almost all day. I wanted to look at my future with faith, but, I could feel fear's icy cold fingers squeezing my heart. Would my boys love God in their teen years and beyond? or, would they choose to [...]

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Faithful over “small” things today

Step upon step I climbed up the narrow spiraled staircase leading to the Oxford Tower. I didn't know what I would see.  All I knew was the history I had just learned from the tour guide about Oxford Palace and its tower. With each step, I didn't know how close I was to the top. I wondered how [...]

What is the purpose of faith in our lives

With each season of our lives comes the closing of one chapter to open another. Change always ebbs and flow within our lives demanding we exercise our faith, practice patience, and extend trust. The latter two are my weak areas. I get excited about new seasons and adventures. Off I go, living in the future instead [...]

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