Stop anxiety in its tracks by hiding in God

A wave of panic hit me again and Anxiety's cold hands squeezed my heart. Its chilly breath whispered an all to well known phrase: "You've got to put your life, dreams, and passions on hold. There's no time for that. You're a wife and a mom. You must become dormant again." I choked back tears and [...]

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Discerning spiritual discernment vs mood swings

Throughout my life, I've often heard the phrases "you're being too sensitive", "stop being so moody", "you're reading too much into things", and more. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't change this about myself. I was and still am a "moody" person. One minute I can be on top of the world and the [...]

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3 Simple Tips for Growing into God’s Grace

Growing into God's grace - it should be easy right? After all, we are surrounded by many teachings and leaders claiming to understand God's grace. Yet, so much of the grace teachings champion what I like to call "sloppy grace". This grace allows you to do whatever you want because Jesus has you covered. On the flip [...]

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How to trust God’s love for you

Have you ever wondered how to trust God's love for you? We know he loves us, but we don't really trust it much if we're really honest with ourselves. We question every trial, unanswered prayer, challenging circumstance wondering how could God let us go through this if he loves us. We easily trigger in abandonment, rejection, [...]

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Finding Your Worth In Christ and Owning It

I gazed admiringly into the mirror. My Granny's blue, yellow, white necklaces draped around my neck along with some brooch of sorts and a pair of clip-on earrings for my not-yet-pierced ears. I stood in a pool of bluey-grey material as my aunt's prom dress hung baggily on my 8 yr-0ld body. I moved from side [...]

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God Hovers over Us in our “Nothing”

"Nothing."  This word had come out of my one son's mouth as an answer to just about any question I asked him. Nothing. In some ways, I could and was infuriated as I hoped for a more substantial answer. That was until God began to remind me of Genesis 1:1-2 In the beginning, God created the heavens and [...]

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How to stick to your goals this year

I’m always amused during January and February when I set foot in the gym. It’s packed to the hilt with people desperate to get into shape and shed the Christmas holidays off their waists. I know their New Year’s resolution was to look better so they could feel better in themselves. The funniest part (and the [...]

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