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Speak Blessings not Curses – Our Words Create Worlds Part 3

Recently, I watched a sports game with my hubby for an overdue date night. We sat out in the open air surrounded by spectators and fans while the game played on this massive TV screen. A couple of sports players from different teams and eras had been asked to make a special appearance. Fascinated by their positive outlook and upbeat attitude, I commented to my hubby my intrigue.

Turns out these sports players are paid to keep the fan morale at a high and usher in constant hope. This got me thinking. We are ambassadors’ of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20). Our job is to speak the language of heaven and live God’s Kingdom here on earth. How can we do this well if we are spewing out curses, criticism, negativity, and cynicism (albeit disguised as realistic and rationale)?

The truth is we can’t!

We have to choose which side of the war we support: darkness, loss of hope, realistic views, facts, gossip, etc… or the Kingdom of God which stands face to face with darkness to usher in the kingdom of light with hope, faith, and promises.

Focus on speaking life

I read this post in August and felt God was preparing me for the season that lay ahead. Relocating is no small feat. I felt God press on my heart that in no way was I to speak a single negative thing over our journey to the UK. It didn’t matter what reality said. People’s opinions were to be ignored and only that which lined up with God’s promises were to be spoken.

Naturally, this was put to the test. Even now, I find myself having to say no to fear, worry and anxiety.Our words create worlds Part 3

Our words carry much power, authority and life in them.

Both my husband and I felt the same promise from God in two different ways:

  1. I felt that God promised my hubby a job offer by 1 November 2017
  2. My hubby felt that he would be working in an office the week of the 6 November 2017.

While we waited on God to bring this job, our emotions went on a rollercoaster ride. Doubt bombarded us. Fear made our hearts race. Temptation to quit ran high. Yet, we refused to say anything other than the promises of God.

Every time I prayed, I clung onto God’s promises, character and heart. Eventually, God led me to turn my prayers into Thanksgiving where I thanked God for providing a job well before we even had one. Praise and thanksgiving in the midst of nothing.

Glory to God, my hubby got a job offer 1 November 2017 which meant he would be in the office working on 8 November 2017.

When God speaks, he makes sure he does what he says. You and I are to decide who do we agree with – God’s promises, or circumstances.

Know the heart of God

Part of knowing the heart of God is knowing his attributes and his nature. These are keys to knowing his heart. We need to know that God is faithful, trustworthy and championing us on towards greatness. This knowledge is more than an idea we hold; rather, it must be an ongoing experience. This experience of the heart of God is what will fuel our faith and come out of our mouths in thanksgiving and declarations.

Sports players know their teams,  the rules of the game, the strategies and the coach. They understand the fickle nature of fans. This helps them make their positive comments and opinions both honest and relevant.

The same is for us. We need to know the heart of God, the nature of His Kingdom and his strategies to bring freedom and hope to the world. Who is God to you? (Check out my post where God asked me this same question).

3 Tips to speaking blessing not curses

Here are the “3 steps” I use in those situations where I am tempted to speak negativity, gossip or criticise.

#1 What is God saying?

To speak blessings not curses we must stop being pulled into other people’s opinions and perspectives. We need to get God’s perspective on the situation. This is where we have to think like ambassadors.

So, I often ask God some of these questions:

  • Lord, do you need me to pray into this? 
  • Lord how do I bring your heart into this situation?
  • Lord, how do you see this person or situation?
  • What is really going on here.

Then, I wait for the Lord to reply. This can take a few minutes to a few days.

Knowing God’s heart and perspective shifts us out of a carnal mindset and places our thoughts and mind on things above.

#2 Who are you partnering with – the atmosphere around you or God?

Speak blessings not curses by discrening the spiritual atmosphere around us. (Read my previous post here.) The spiritual atmosphere is often fueled by the heart issues or sprit driving the negativity. This is also often linked to emotional wounds. Words of life and encouragement are fueled by the heart of God and purity or selflessness. Negativity and criticism can be fueling a toxic atmosphere rooted in competitiveness, pride, right fighting, jealousy, etc.

The words coming out of your mouth I dictate whether you are partnering with God or the destructive atmosphere around you. Pay attention to your words and what your emotions are trying to tell you. (Read here about self-awareness and discernment)

#3 Ask God to guard your mouth

Finally ask the Lord to put a guard at the door of your mouth. The tongue cannot be tamed but God will help us. Here’s a prayer to help you:

Lord,  I ask that you would send a guard to the door of my mouth. I ask that you would stop in its tracks any words that are not I  line with your heart, Word, and Kingdom. Lift my mind to focus on things above and not what is happening around me. I speak to the doors and gates of my heart, mind and mouth. I say to you be lifted up to praise and glorify the Lord,  the King of glory (Ps 24)

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