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Living Water Bursting Forth – Prophetic Word

Every day when I drive to work, I pass a corner piece of property being built on by construction workers. The road is moist from a small trickle of water from the sidewalk (which is not paved so all you see is mud and grass). Whether it’s me or the cars in front of me, we all, daily, drive through this water and leave behind us wet tire marks on the road.

Here’s a picture of what the road looks like every day:

living water prophetic word

I’ve often wondered what is causing this water to leak out the ground. No answer has revealed itself. Although, I have often spoken with God about this leaking water mystery. As always, Jesus loves to turn something physical into a spiritual truth:

The water leaking is what my bride is doing at the moment. Releasing me into the world around them. The people that come and go in and out of their lives are impacted by them. Some of these people do not even notice the impact or the fact that they carry my love and presence around them. 

Bottom line – we all leave an impact even if it’s just a consistent little trickle.

Today, at this same spot I saw this:

living water prophetic word

Isn’t it glorious? 🙂

I nearly drove past without taking this photo. Fortunately, I obeyed the incessant and excited nudging of the Holy Spirit. I turned around to take photos all the while my spirit being stirred as Jesus began speaking a prophetic word. Here’s what I felt him saying:

Every day, my people have been consistently releasing my love and my Gospel to the world around them. They’ve had an impact on the people they interact with whether that is large or small. It’s been an impact. Their faithfulness in persevering and waiting for my promises to collide into their lives is one that I admire and love. I am drawn to their faith. 

In the night, those times they can’t see what’s going on in their lives or even my hand upon them, I have come and removed the lid that has been preventing them from bursting into great joyous overflow. I have come and answered their deepest cries and heart’s desires. 

Suddenly, they will burst forth in a glorious display of joy, love, security, and overflow. People will stop to take notice. Even those who walk on by will notice and be impacted. Instead of a trickle, they will release streams of living water. My people are carriers of life. Some will linger, others will play, and still others will continue by. But, the lid is removed and will not be replaced. I have assigned my protection angels to watch over the gates of their hearts and spirits. Now is their time to explode with overflowing joy and fulfilled promises. The time of waiting is over. The time of receiving has come.

I hope that you are encouraged by this word from the Lord. If you want to chat it over or need someone to help you live in the truth of this word from God’s heart, book your session with me today and get unstuck.

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  1. Edith 25th July 2017 at 18:14 - Reply

    It’s encouraging to know that God is taking note of our faithfulness/impact, be it little or much. May we indeed burst forth as this word declares in Jesus’ name.

    • Ailie 27th July 2017 at 09:13 - Reply

      Amen Ma Edith 🙂 God truly sees us

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