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Small acts of kindness

Beautiful colored ribbons and scarves waved around the front of our church hall. Young girls of all ages followed their mentor as they danced celebration and praise to Jesus yesterday during the worship service. My heart was moved speechless. What a beautiful celebration!

You’d have thought I’d have reason to smile beaming smiles or have a look of one oozing joy? That’s what I thought. But no. On the contrary, tears once again streamed down my face. The ache in my heart beat hard.  Jesus.

My boys sat playing next to me with dinosaurs and beheaded action figures while my baby (almost 2 yrs) was asleep in my arms.

“Jesus, I don’t know how to get my boys to participate with the ribbon and flag dancing. What if they miss out?”

Oh how I longed to not be in this place of showing my kids Jesus and His heart by myself on Sunday’s. This is still my reality. Oh, my heart breaks.

A beautiful woman and mother in my church community, took Lukan out of my arms so that I could worship. I was undone. What kindness! Tears poured down my face afresh. My heart cried out to Holy Spirit for an embrace. I didn’t want anyone to fix me, I just wanted to be held.

This incredible woman, Joy, held Lukan until he woke up. During the ministry time after the sermon, she wrapped her arms around me and held me. My prayer had been answered. Holy Spirit had heard, like he always does.

I love the priesthood of all believers. We all get to minister to each other, often being the answer to someone’s prayer. I love that God didn’t expect pastors, deacons, elders, or ministry teams to be the answer to everyone’s prayers. No, he set up a priesthood of all believers.

I love people in these roles.They carry such a beautiful presence and authority; often they propel the church community into the promised land. What I love the most is how the community often are the ones who respond to God’s promoting. It doesn’t matter what their gifting. They hear God and obey. That is the key to being an answer to someone’s prayers. Having a heart of love and obedience.

The small acts of kindness are what God uses to bring people to repentance

…God’s kindness is intended to lead you to repentance

Romans 2:4

The small acts of kindness show people how loved and accepted they are.. They reveal the tangible kindness of God in an experience that cannot be denied rather it spurs them into a greater depth of intimacy with Jesus. Who wouldn’t want to be with the kindest person in the world?

Often, I have needed a hug or word of encouragement on Sunday mornings. Next thing I know someone in the community is reaching out with that exact thing. Other times, I have sat wondering how I am going to get to partake in communion when my arms are full of children. Before I know it, someone has brought me the communion elements.

My heart floods with awe; my eyes glisten with tears. The humility that comes from each small act of kindness is enough to drive pride and self away. I am undone by the how God’s goodness and kindness reveals him as a loving God who sees.

Each small act of kindness, injects my spirit with another dose of strength and courage. I have received therefore I can give to my family, my husband, and my community. I can continue standing firm in my love for God no matter what the enemy throws my way. My resolve and conviction that I know Jesus becomes more concrete.

I know without a shadow of doubt that I am His and He is mine. I belong to Jesus for all eternity. His blood flows through my veins. My blood cells are His blood cells. My DNA is his DNA. From this place, I can repay the kindness given to me by being kind to others.


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